Artist Bio

Courtney Giblin is a visual artist living and working in Boulder Colorado. Courtney obtained her B.A. in Art from the University of Oregon with a focus in painting. She is a contemporary painter whose abstracted work explores energy and connection through form, color, and movement.

Artist Statement

As a contemporary painter, my abstracted works explore the need for mental health and connection by examining our primary resource: energy.
Through my work I explore how we are all connected via energy. Further, how all interactions are simply exchanges of said energy. The work examines how internal/external factors shape our energetic experiences and how our energetic experiences shape who we are as people and the world around us. My process is highly conceptual and seeks to understand how everything fits together to instill balance.
I believe art is an invitation for reflection and transformation. In some sense I view the work as interactive. Social unrest is an energetic state of imbalance that requires both collective restructuring and personal healing.
By examining how inter-connected we really are, the question ultimately becomes ‘How can I bring awareness to my own well-being? How can I positively contribute to the collective energy for universal healing?’