The Practice 2 (1).jpg
The Practice 2 (2).jpg

"The Practice" was installed at Rhythm Art and Yoga in Englewood, Colorado in parallel with the show "The Architecture of Energy". 

The wall measures 25' wide by 10' high. 

Feels Like Home.jpg
Feels Like Home 2.jpg

"Feels Like Home" was created in partnership with Guest House which supports local businesses by making available real estate open to the public and shop-able. It was created using chalk on a pre-existing chalk wall.

The wall measures 4' wide by 9' tall.


This bright and geometric mural transformed my clients guestroom to an urban oasis. Incorporating decor elements such as the handmade wooden shelf and hand-painted terracotta planter brought a homey vibe to the space. 

The wall measures 11' wide by 9' tall.