Images from current series "The Architecture of Energy"


‘The Architecture of Energy’ explores how everything is made of the same energetic matter. Further, how all interactions are simply exchanges of said energy.

The work asks how outside factors shape our energetic experiences, how our energetic experiences shape who we are as people, and how we shape the world around us.

"The Architecture of Energy” is comprised of three sub-series:

“Universal Energy” is a visual representation of the visceral experience of energy alongside the geometric ‘building blocks’ that shape the interaction.

“Energy from the Earth” looks at energy as a life force and catalyst for self-growth through use of charcoal powder, a natural fertilizer.

“Compartmentalization” identifies the need to be mindful of how our own energy impacts others and vice versa.

Throughout the series there is a shared gold or silver circle.  The circle(s) is a symbol of our spirit, of our internal light or a Universal light that guides us in thoughtful interaction.